The Artist



Meet Genevieve,

Born in Sydney, Genevieve always knew she had a love for the creative side, attending multiple art classes and consistently drawing and creating for her family and friends wherever she could. This often meant Mum had a stack of poorly drawn and painted canvases that she referred to as "master-pieces".

She dabbled in painting, clay and ceramics in school art classes and went on to apply and submit in school based art programs and shows.

Deciding soon after leaving high school to move her life to the NSW South Coast completely solo, Genevieve continues to study a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences at The University of Wollongong. It is through this transition she adopted the maturity and independence that allowed her to understand individualism and embark on her own creative journey. It is there that she met Tristan, her partner and with the much-needed encouragement and support of both family and friends, decided to kick start her creative future, birthing The Portrait Collective in late 2019 at the age of nineteen.

To this day, The Portrait Collective, explores the creation of detailed and intricate pieces of bespoke art in the forms Custom Hand-Drawn Illustrations, and Fine Art Prints. Although Genevieve began with and specialises in Custom Illustrations and Portraiture, she often explores other creative avenues such as Clay and Ceramics and has had the pleasure of becoming a place of collaboration with other creatives to develop uniqueness and explore the creative thought process through other's experience.

Genevieve is passionate about the art and pieces she creates, and intends to continue to create daily. She thrives on individual support, communication and keeping close contact with the individuals she creates for.


Owner and Creative Director